At Expresso carwash, we would like to make your visit a pleasurable experience. To help achieve our goal of total customer satisfaction, here are some answers to our customers most Frequently Asked Questions. If you have a question you would like answered that is not listed here, please contact with us.

Is the Premium textiel tunnel wash is safe for my vehicle?

Yes, We guarantee zero damage to your vehicle! Read more to find out the benefits...


What is the different between Tunnel wash + hand finish and hand wash + hand finish?

From quality point of view, there is no different between them, all finish with top quality!


Why still keep the hand wash service?

Safety, Safety, it is all about safety! The Tunnel system is not suitable for all of vehicles, some of vehicles are only subjected to hand wash, such as car with low profile tyre, car paints with chips, car paints damaged, large size van, car with unsecured roof rack, car with damaged bug shield, car with large antenna, car with uncovered pickup truck bed. Our staff will notice you if your vehicle need to be hand washed


Usually, it is take how long to wash my vehicle?

If you vehicle is go though our tunnel only, it only take about 5 mins. If your vehicle is required hand finish, it take about 10 mins. If your vehicle is required to do vacuum and hand finish, it take about 20 ~30 mins.


Is Expresso carwash a "touchless" car wash?

Very wondering, do you wash your hands without rubbing them together? Do you wash your clothes without agitation? Do you keep your teeth clean by just gargling water and mouthwash, or do you brush them? Okay, you get the point! It is very difficult to get anything REALLY clean without contact - even with high pressure and harsh chemicals, like many "touchless washes".
That's why at Expresso, we use our non abrasive foam textile based material and 100% safe biodegradable shampoos to gently clean your car. the premium foam wash material will not only cleans your vehicle exceptionally well, but also has a polishing effect on the painted surfaces of your vehicle.


What kind of chemicals or soaps do you use?

All of our soaps and cleaning products are acid or caustic free, and are biodegradable. They are safe for your vehicle and for the environment. .


Do I remain in my vehicle when going thought the tunnel system?

No, for your 100% safety, you will not allowed to remain in the vehicle when is going thought the system. all customers are welcomed to have a rest in our café, in where you can experience nice coffee and innovative food. Free WIFI is available in our café.


Will my alloy wheels be okay?

Yes.. Expresso carwash does not use any acid or acid-based cleaning solutions on the wheels or any part of the car..


Is a cracked window a problem?

is usually very safe to wash your vehicle with small cracked in your windshield, but the cracks and chips can expand from the change in temperature during the wash process. Our staff will notice you if your vehicle need to be hand washed.


Are valuables in my vehicle okay?

Expresso carwash is not responsible for ANY valuables left in your vehicle while on our premises, during the wash process or not. If you are concerned about anything that is left in your vehicle, please remove it before turning it over to our employees.


Can the tunnel system wash my convertible?

Yes, please make sure the roof is latched properly! Or, you can always choose hand wash option


Can you remove pet hair from the interior?

our staff make every effort to remove as much dog hair as possible; however, dog hair is especially difficult to remove from fabric seats, carpets and mats.


Will the wash remove egg, overspray, or bird droppings?

Usually not unless you get to the car wash before it dries. If it occurs, flush as soon as possible with water. Egg is highly corrosive and MUST be removed immediately. Corrosion damage to your finish begins almost immediately. Bird droppings are also very harmful and must be removed quickly before they damage your finish. Left on too long, they can result in permanent damage. Overspray from paints or other chemicals may come off in the wash, depending on how long they have been present. If the overspray does not come off in the wash, you vehicle need to get the Prestige Clay clean with wax to removing it


Will the wash remove road tar or tree sap?

Usually not. Some road tar will come off in the wash and we try to get as much off as possible. However, if it is too much, our staff will give you an estimate for removal.


Do you take credit cards? What other forms of payment?

Yes. We accept VISA, Master Card, American Express..


Will the wash remove bug?

If your vehicle only go through Our wash tunnel without hand finish, we cannot guarantee that all bug remains will be removed by the tunnel wash. All other service with hand finish will guarantee bugs remove.