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Welcome to Expresso Car Wash

Welcome to Expresso Car Wash

We specialise in high quality car washes, car detailing, car polishing and ozone treatment. Our Car Wash Cafes are located in Southport and Harbour Town. We have been operating in the Gold Coast since 2003 and are Gold Coasts longest operating car wash and first car detailing service.

Everything we do is focused on providing the best car wash and customer service experience. Our Car Detailing service is world class using the best equipment and materials, and our staff are the most experienced in the Gold Coast.

Our Harbour Town Car Wash can be found across the road from the Harbour Town Shopping Town. Our Southport Car Wash can be found across the road from Ferry Road Market. Both of our locations allow for you to enjoy a barista made Coffee and hot lunch from our kitchen while you sit and relax in our cafe or you can explore the nearby shops while you wait and we’ll let you know when your car is ready.

I have been using these guys for many years and they never do a bad job. As a matter of fact, they are superb!! I own a few cars and they all come here. Thanks Teddy and your crew for such excellent work. Super recommend these guys.
— Albert Heke
Great service! Very clean inside and out and the crew in Expresso is very friendly. Very fast and reliable service. Delicious coffee in their cafe while waiting for my car to come out. Will definitely come back again.
— Jec Alvarez
A truly Express service, that doesn’t compromise on quality. Friendly staff that I always willing to go above and beyond. Did I mention the car, mate, the car looks brand spanking new ! Cheers Leo
— Leo
Great service! My car came out of the bush, plastered in insects and dirt. In a little over half an hour, it was spotless, inside & out. Great service, great coffee. Highly recommended.
— Michelle Edgely

What is Car Detailing?

When you clean your car, you probably only think of giving your car a regular car wash. The hash materials often used in general car washes can scrape away at your car’s paint leaving it vulnerable to the elements. Unlike a regular car wash, car detailing is a service in which professional technicians clean your car with the utmost care whilst reinforcing the protective measure put in place to prevent your car from deteriorating.

Wondering what exactly goes into detailing the interior, exterior and the engine of your car? And are you asking why you should get it done professionally instead of doing it yourself? And what’s the deal with pre sale car detailing? These are all valid questions to ask when deciding whether it is worth your money to invest in detailing your car. Keep on reading and we will answer all of these questions.

Interior car detailing

Detailing the interior of your car is perhaps the most time-consuming part of getting your car cleaned. This is because of the many different types of surfaces inside of cars and the small nooks and crannies that dirt can get into. Interior car detailing includes cleaning and conditioning your leather seats, shampooing your car’s carpets, cleaning the dashboard and any other areas inside of your car. These all remove dirt, stains and any contaminants that may be in your car. If these things are not cleaned and are left to fester, the integrity of your car’s interior surfaces may be compromised causing irreversible damage over time. Not only will car detailing remove these things, but it will put measures in place - such as surface protectants - to protect the surfaces of your car’s interior from further damage. It is worth noting, however, that no form of protection will last forever which is why we highly recommend getting your car’s detailing work renewed every few months (3-5 months).

As well as the wear and tear from daily use our cars will get from on its interior, the huge amount of toxins and bacteria filtering through our cars as we drive as well as moisture from the air-conditioning use can build up and multiply. This can cause our cars to become bacteria chambers exposing us to multiple health risks. A vital element of getting your car cleaned thoroughly is to get the air-conditioning systems cleaned regularly with an anti-bacterial treatment to prevent any unwanted bacteria to get into our bodies and the bodies of our loved ones. At Expresso Car Wash, we use Ozone treatment when cleaning the interior of the vehicles.

Exterior car detailing

Detailing your car’s exterior will include a thorough cleaning, buffing and waxing of your car’s exterior surfaces. These include your car’s windows, paint and wheels. Even if you’re not interested in having your car’s interior detailed, it is a must to have its exterior detailed every so often. Especially on the Gold Coast. There are many elements that our cars are exposed to on a daily basis whilst living on the Gold Coast that affect the quality of your car. We will go into the specific things that can damage your car later on in this article.

The methods of cleaning used in detailing cars are much more gentle than in general car washes. This means that your car’s paint and windows will not be damaged MORE in the process of washing. In addition to a wash, your car will be buffed and polished with wax and car paint protection that act as an extra layer on top of your car’s paint that will help protect your car’s bodywork and paint job from rust and deteriorating. Not only does a protected guards your car’s surfaces from harmful elements but protecting your car’s bodywork with a careful clean and wax will also make it much easier to clean in the future making consistent care for your car much easier and less of a hassle over time!

Engine Detailing

When you take your car in to get detailed, you will also be given an option to have your car’s engine cleaned and dressed. This is an opportunity to give your cars often neglected engine a makeover. It will take your dirty and grease covered engine to shiny and showroom ready. Cleaning your car’s engine in this way is great to make it look beautiful, but it also and often overlooked opportunity to care for your engine. A clean engine is less likely to overheat and help remove the dirt that has accumulated over time that may cause your engine to perform less efficiently and perhaps damage your engine in the long run. Getting your engine cleaned and dressed is also a vital step in boosting your car’s resale value when putting your car up for sale.

Why detail your car?

By not getting your car detailed, you are increasing the chances of your car’s quality to be decreased over time. There are so many elements that your car comes in contact with on a day to day basis that may not seem like they are causing much damage. However, continuous exposure over time, along with a lack of protective measures will cause your car to deteriorate. This is especially true when living on the Gold Coast where there are so many things that can cause harm to your car’s integrity.

Firstly, the sun and its UV rays are the cause of many damaging effects on your car. The sun and heat that we get here on the Gold Coast can turn the inside of your car into hot box. This sun’s rays itself will fade your cars paint, which is a widely known fact, but its heat can also cause cracking in the dashboard, steering wheel and the seats of your car. Over time, it will fade your car’s expensive upholstery and may even affect the performance of your car’s safety and electronic systems. Car detailing on the Gold Coast can be one thing you can do to help to avoid your car become unpredictably damaged by the sun.

Other things on the Gold Coast that can affect your car include salt in the air due to it being a coastal city which will erode your car’s paint job. Droppings from the many bird species we have here in Australia, tree sap, road tar and acid rain from the high pollution contents of raindrops are all things that can eat away at your car’s paint.

So. After reading exactly what car detailing is, are you thinking to yourself “I could just do that myself at home rather than paying somebody else to do it!”. Well, we are here to tell you exactly why you should leave car detailing up to the professionals here at Expresso Car Wash.

Car detailing professionals will have all the specialised equipment required to ensure the best possible results, like the cyclo dual head orbital bugging and polishing machine. Professional technicians will be able to tell you exactly what you need done and will be able to get a brilliant job done in no time. If you were to attempt to detail your car yourself at home, you will end up spending much more time and money than necessary trying to do something that car detailing technicians do every single day. You could also very easily cause much more damage to your car by attempting to detail your car yourself rather than taking it in to a professional to do.

Increase your car’s resale value

If you are reselling a car, having it detailed before putting it up for sale is a proven way to increase your car’s resale value. Presale car detailing is an absolute must as a car’s appearance is one of the only ways that many people can judge the condition of a car when they are looking to buy. It is the top deciding factor for most people! A full detailing before putting a car on the market will bump up its value significantly, however, consistent detailing through a car’s life will keep the quality of that car as high as it can be which will in keep a car’s value as high as it could possibly be. A car that is consistently taking care of will automatically look much more expensive and be in better condition than a car that is detailed just before sale or never detailed at all.

By getting regular professional car detailing in the Gold Coast at Expresso Car Wash, not only will you help protect your car from environmental damage, but you will also have the opportunity to have a profession technician examine your car closely to tell you what your car specifically needs to help you decide on the best car detailing option for your vehicle.

Although it may seem quite pricey to get your car detailed on a regular basis, we assure you that doing this will be one of the best investments you can make on protecting the value, quality, safety and beauty of your car. So, find car detailing near you at Expresso Car Wash to make that first step in protecting your valuable car and reap the benefits of a better experience with your car and higher resale price when you are ready to sell.

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