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Ozone Treatment Gold Coast

What is Ozone Treatment?

Ozone Treatment is where we pump gas ozone (O3) into your car to remove odors, it does this by killing the bacteria and changes the structure of the molecules which produces the odors. We do this by placing an Ozone generator inside your vehicle for a certain amount of time (depending on how strong the odor is) and as the gas gets into every crack of your vehicle and soaks into the carpet and seats.

Ozone Treatment gold Coast

Can Ozone Treatment Remove Smoke Smells?

Yes, Ozone Treatment can remove the smell of smoke from your car, it does this by reacting with the Phenol (the chemical responsible for the tobacco smell). The Ozone will oxidize the phenol gas trapped in your carpets, seats and upholstery to neutralize the odor. Unlike sprays or deodorizers, Ozone treatment doesn’t cover up the smell, it destroys the molecules responsible for them. Ozone treatment is a must if you are looking to sell your car and you have been smoking in it.

Can Ozone damage my vehicle?

The answer is no, the Ozone gas does not damage or leave any mark on your vehicle, it is a clear gas which destroys the cell walls of bacteria, it is a type of oxygen so it doesn’t have any residue to leave behind. Ozone is the most effective way to remove odors from your vehicle.

How much does Ozone Treatment cost?

Ozone Treatment at Expresso Car Wash costs can vary depending on the extend of the work that needs to be done, you will need to bring your car in for assesment before we can give a quote. Prices start from $50.

How do I book my Ozone Treatment?

You can book your Ozone Treatment by calling us on 07 5531 0244 to discuss Ozone Treatment or simply come in and ask our staff for more info and we can do an assessment there and then.