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5 Things that can damage your cars paintwork living in the Gold Coast

The Gold Coast is the best place on planet to live, but living here and driving here, we have to be aware of some of the things that can cause damage to our main love of our life, our cars! Here are 5 things that can cause your car’s paintwork to get damaged and reduce the value of your car if not cared for properly:

1.       Bird droppings

Magpies, Lorikeets, Cockatoos, Pidgeon’s and even Bats. Just a few of the creatures here on the Gold Coast that seem to take pleasure targeting our cars while parked and while driving around town. In fact, its one of the biggest causes of damage to paintwork in the Gold Coast! The acid in the droppings will eat away at the paint work of your car. The longer its left to eat away and bake onto your paintwork, the worse the damage will be. If you get droppings on your car, remove it right away. If you’ve had some one there for a while, then you should bring your car in to get detailed to restore it and protect your vehicles value, especially if you’re planning on selling the car any time in the future.

bird poop on car funny

2.       Sea Salt Air

The salt in the air here near the beach is abrasive, the salt in the air is literally tiny rocks, and as you drive around you smash into them, and as the wind blows the salt smashes into your car! Over time your paintwork will suffer, abrasive salt air is like fine sand paper and it will scrub off the protective layer of your cars paintwork. Car detailing in the Gold Coast is more essential than in other parts of the world because of the ideal sun and sea we enjoy.  

3.       Sun

Did you know that Ultraviolet light rays from the sun oxidize and damage the paint on your vehicle? Over time, here in the Gold Coast in Australia, our powerful sunny days can, over time, cause the paint on your car to deteriorate, and you’ve most likely seen some extreme examples of that on some of the vehicles driving around the coast, well those are extreme cases, but its gradual and can happen to your vehicle without shading your car whenever possible and without regular and proper paint protection. So wash your car, get that wax and polish and get your car detailed once or twice a year.  

Car Detailing for sun damage gold coast.jpg

4.       Road Dirt

When driving on any roads, the cars around you are kicking up gravel, oils, asphalt and general grime onto your car, some of it abrasive, some of it chemically damaging, all of it not great for longevity for your paintwork. Asphalt also can stick to your car, and if you’re driving around a lot of construction sites or there are a lot of road works going on, then it’s going to affect your car more, and it’s a gradual build up until one day you notice your paintwork is scuffed and no longer shines. Regular car washing can help and getting your car detailed a couple of times a year will get everything off and protect your paintwork for the future. Click here for info on our car detailing services!

5.       Tree Sap

On one side we recommend parking under the shade of a tree to protect from the sun, but now we’re going to say, parking under a tree can expose your car to tree sap, which is sticky and damaging to your car. Tree sap is often not large blobs of sap, but tiny sap that’s constantly falling from trees. If you park under a tree regularly, run your hand over the tree and you’ll likely notice a thin textured layer of bumps, its most likely tree sap, and its eating away at your paint work!

Tree Sap Damage on Car

If it’s been a while since you washed your car, then come in for a full car detailing Gold Coast, to push the rest on your paintwork, otherwise our 100% hand car wash will do. Our staff will spot and give care and attention to anything that’s not meant to be there, unlike an auto wash that will simply run over your car with no attention to detail paid.

Sang Hyo Lee

Marketing Position at Espresso Car Wash Southport and Harbour Town