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Car Detailing Rather than Simply Washing

car detailing over car washing

        Buying yourself a nice car and not having it detailed regularly is the same thing as throwing your money out the window. Taking your car through your local car wash is great, but having your car detailed on a regular basis on the gold coast can be vital to preserving the condition of the vehicles paint, reviving it’s interior, and especially imperative in preserving the value of your investment.

    When living on the gold coast, your car is constantly being exposed to salty air. This salt will stick to your paint, and over time will cause the paint to chip. You will begin to notice rust appearing as well. The best way to prevent this damage from occurring is to wash your car regularly. Adding a protective coat of wax to your car’s paint will also help to protect it from wearing down before it’s time. During your cars detailing, the technician will assess your car for any external damages that may have escaped your eye, as well as applying the wax that will protect your car as well as give it an eye-catching shine.

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    We all wish our cars would retain their new car smell and feel longer than they tend to. Driving an immaculate car not only helps to hold the cars value, but also makes you feel good. We’ve all had those moments, maybe after an oil change or excellent detailing job, where we feel as though our car drives 100% better even though work was not done in regard to your car’s performance. It’s not silly to feel this way. It’s how all drivers should feel when behind the wheel of their vehicle. Interior car detailing is vital in sustaining the longevity and value of your purchase. When having the interior of your car detailed, the technician will not only wipe down all surfaces, they will also condition your seats and remove any dust or build up present in your dashboard.

    If you think you may want or need to sell your car in the future, don’t wait until it’s too late to keep up with the condition of your car. How your vehicle looks is just as important as how it runs when it comes to resale. Having your car detailed on the gold coast will pay for itself when you go to trade in your car and it’s worth more than you had anticipated. Not every person who walks onto a car lot is a mechanic and knows the ins and outs of a car’s engine. In which case they are relying more on what the car looks like when they are making their decision to buy. Dealerships will pay significantly more money to those who are trading in a car that looks well kept.

    Don’t let the idea of cost stop you from detailing your car. Choosing to neglect your cars cosmetic health may end up costing you more money than it would have to keep up with it, in the long run. Car detailing when living on the gold coast is imperative for many reasons. Cars cost a lot of money. Why let that money go to waste when you can watch it go right back into your pocket? Or into a nice, new car just by keeping up with your current car the right way.

Sang Hyo Lee

Marketing Position at Espresso Car Wash Southport and Harbour Town