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Increase your car resale value with Ozone treatment. Nobody wants to buy a smelly car.

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As the title says, nobody wants to buy a smelly car. And if you’re looking to sell a car, then you want to maximise the value.

So if you’re a smoker or perhaps you’ve had pets, and you’re car has built up some smells over time then you need to seriously consider Ozone Treatment from Expresso Car Wash in Harbour Town and Southport.

What is Ozone Treatment?

Ozone treatment is the use of Ozone gas to remove odours and the cause of odours, bacteria. We place an ozone generator inside your vehicle for a certain amount of time, depending on the strength of the smell. The gas permeates through all the soft materials of your car, the chairs, the car linings and the carpets, and it kills an neutralises the bacteria. As it is a gas it can reach all parts of the car, so if there are bad smells lingering in your vents or in the carpet under the seats, the Ozone will get to it.

For more information on how Ozone works, click here.

Many different elements come together when people are deciding to buy you’re car, if the car is beautifully detailed, but it smells, that doesn’t work, and vice versa, if your car smells beautiful but the paint job has no shine, then it doesn’t feel like a valuable car either.

Ozone doesn’t cover up smells, it eliminated them. Spraying down your car with a fragrance spray, or putting an air freshener on the mirror will only cover up a smell and could be off putting when combined with the bad smell its trying to cover up.

So if you’re trying to resell your car, contact us to book an Ozone treatment with your Car Detailing and people who come to view your car will have a more satisfactory experience and may be more likely to buy.

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